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    • ISOLATION DORM for 2021

      WE are saying goodbye to 2020, a most difficult year, our eyes turn to the future with hope as we seem to have tools to beat down this invader. At the Mission, after Thanksgiving we experienced a surge in positive COVID cases, requiring us to open an isolation dorm for men and women, and isolation rooms for families who are positive for the virus. We have worked closely with the Jefferson County Health Department to provide as much protection as possible to keep the virus from spreading. The shelter, located at 432 East Jefferson Street, has a very crowded population with many shared facilities and a diversity of programs which include: emergency shelter for men, women and children, a low barrier shelter, a family program, permanent supportive housing for women and men, a veterans program, a recovery program for men, affordable low income housing units, and a work therapy program. In addition, the mission serves about 2000 meals per day at the shelter and at several mobile feeding locations. We recently tested our population and discovered a 14% positive rate; the State of Kentucky at that time had a positive rate of 11%. The Hotel Louisville Campus, located at 120 West Broadway, had a positive rate of ZERO percent. The hotel has a much more stable residential population, including a women’s recovery program, women’s permanent supportive housing and long term recovery housing for men and women who are working jobs in the community. The hotel is also not as crowded as the shelter, and beds and rooms are spaced out in healthier distances. With your help and assistance, we have been struggling through this most difficult period, ashave most of you. Thank you so very much for your support and we pray that this new year will be brighter and healthier for us all.


      Since the first of December, our COVID-19 positive clients have increased to 12 at the Jefferson Street Campus located at 432 East Jefferson Street. We have contacted the Louisville Health Department and they are assisting with the potential spread. Officials from the Health Department visited the shelter site late last week and made some suggestions to assist with keeping the virus contained. We agreed that testing of the entire shelter population at Jefferson Street was a good direction to go. Today, the Louisville Health Department will begin quick result tests at 9 AM and also conduct the more accurate two-day result test on nearly 450 people residing at the Jefferson Street Campus location. Please keep the Mission in your prayers as we hope the measures we have taken have limited the spread.

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    • Home | Wayside Christian Mission - Providing emergency services since 1957.

      IMPORTANT COVID NOTICE Since the first week of December, we have had 55 residents test POSITIVE for COVID at THE JEFFERSON STREET CAMPUS. ONLY ESSENTIAL VOLUNTEERS AND VISITORS are allowed at this time! All Programs are Open for New Admission New clients are required to be tested for COVID-19 New clients may be required to quarantine upon entry Clients who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate in the shelter for a defined period New recovery clients must call 502-345-9030 for admission All clients and staff are required to wear a mask and to practice social distancing For more information about admission, go to GET HELP!, then Current Bed Availability ​ Hotel Louisville, which has a residential population, had no cases: zero cases of COVID-19. To see how we are isolating the positive clients click on Tim and Nina's Blog below! Please call 502-345-9030, or text 502-345-1300 with any questions. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day MLK Day will be different this year with COVID-19 restrictions. The video below shows how the Mission choir has participated in city-wide celebrations in previous years. Wayside Christian Mission opened its doors in 1957 as the first racially integrated mission south of the Mason-Dixon line. Video Wayside Christian Mission MLK DAY Providing Emergency Services since 1957 With your support, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men, women, and children. Covid didn't stop these kids from getting to enjoy their Christmas (photos) Check out these awesome photos of Wayside kids and families during Christmas. You'll also see the many staff members and volunteers who made it happen! Read More Stay up to date with all of Wayside's events and activities on our blog! From Covid-19 news to donation surprises, you'll find the latest updates on Tim and Nina's Blog. You'll also get updates on who's helping the Mission and what you can do. Read More If you haven't seen it yet, download the newsletter. Waysider Due to Covid safety measures, Wayside volunteers will deliver the grilled food items to the homeless camps, rather than have people come into the shelter. And we need your help! Read More "You will feel the joy and want to come back every week." , Beautician & Wayside Volunteer Sherry Wood Helping others in need often does more for the giver than the receiver. We've all been blessed with skills to help others. to see how you can help! Visit our volunteer page Sheltering and Helping Men,Women, Children, and Veterans. Providing 2,000 meals each day to feed the hungry.

    • Current Bed Availability | WaysideCM

      Current Bed Availability Current Bed Availability Emergency Services Rehab Transitional Programs Outreach Critical information for clients or client family members trying to navigate our opportunities. Current Bed Availability Bed availability in our shelter and permanent housing programs is noted below. You may call the contact numbers listed with each program to receive an up-to-the-hour update regarding any particular program in which you may be interested. ​ PROGRAM, STATUS & CONTACT Family emergency shelter Openings Coalition Reserve a bed: (502) 637-2337 (10 AM - 4 PM) If no answer or after hours, text or call 502-996-1888 Call only 502-742-6166 Women’s emergency shelter 2 Openings Coalition Reserve a bed: (502) 637-2337 (10 AM - 4 PM) If no answer or after hours, text or call 502-533-6975 * One Bed Available Women's recovery program Openings Reserve a bed - Call or Text 502-345-9030, or Email Low barrier shelter (men, women, & families) Openings Check-in 3 PM - 4:30 PM (no reservations are taken) Text or Call 502-975-0095 Call only 502-742-6166 * Openings for Singles and Families Men’s emergency dormitory FULL - currently being used for a COVID-19 Isolation Dorm - all men needing shelter will have to use the Low Barrier Rescue Station Coalition Reserve a bed: (502) 637-2337 (10 AM - 4 PM) Call only 502-742-6166 Men’s recovery program Openings Reserve a bed - Call or Text 502-345-9030, or Email ​ Veteran’s program Openings Reserve a bed - Call or Text 502-389-9009 Call or Text 502-996-1888 Call only 502-742-6166 Men’s permanent supportive housing Openings Application Required Call or Text 502-996-1888 Call only 502-742-6166 ​ Women’s permanent supportive housing Openings Application Required Call or Text 502-996-1888 Call only 502-742-6166 ​ Affordable housing Openings 502-996-1888

    • Contact | WaysideCM

      Contact EMERGENCY: Call 502-584-3711 or 502-582-2241 ​ To Reserve a Bed Call Single Point of Entry 502-637-2337 If no answer go to GET HELP, then Current Bed Availability - Financial Donations 502-836-7661 or 502-664-7112 502-584-3711 Clothing & Furniture Donation - 502-584-3711 Donation pick-ups - 502-584-3711, Drop-off locations also, go to , then How You Help Item Dropoffs and Pickups ​ 502-345-9030 Recovery Program Admissions 502-389-9009 Veterans Program Admissions ​ 502-533-6975, or 502-996-1888 Family & Women’s Manager ​ 502-742-6166 Overnight Shelter Services ​ 502-975-0095 Low Barrier Shelter Manager ​ 502-996-1888 Permanent Supportive Housing 502-996-1888 Affordable Lodging Rooms 502-584-3711, or 502-582-2241 Accounting Department ​ 502-345-9030 Volunteer Coordinator ​ 502-836-7661 Donations and Development Director 502-297-8784 Wayside Thrift Store ​ Questions about Hotel Louisville 502-346-9030 ​ 502-345-1300 CEO - please text ​ ​ ​

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