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Shop Our Art Gallery

The Wayside Expressions art gallery, located at the Hotel Louisville facility, provides a cultural experience for our clients and an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to exhibit and sell their work.


We feature a different artist’s work almost every month. This work is on display for clients and the general public to admire at their leisure. 


In addition, the gallery hosts two monthly receptions, the first Friday, 5-8 PM, and the third Sunday, 2-4 PM. 


“Serenity” by Jacinda Evans

At these events, attendees may meet the artists, ask questions about the art, and purchase pieces for their own homes.  Art is priced competitively and the Mission allows the artist to keep 75% of the proceeds while benefiting from its 25% commission. 


For information about upcoming artists and receptions, you may contact R. C. Webber at or 502-836-7661.

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