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The Christmas Store application is online [CLICK HERE], or at the Mission (432 East Jefferson St., 40202) after Thanksgiving Day. You may also pick up the application at the Mission, 432 East Jefferson St. and bring the information below and complete the process with one visit.
- Complete the application, and bring it back to the Mission (432 East Jefferson St.) with your picture ID and proof of each child, i.e. social security card, food stamp records, or school records for each child.
- A copy will be made of these items when you arrive and you will be notified of your shopping date and time by the 10th of December. The Christmas Store will be open the week before Christmas.


Our Good Samaritan Patrol will be traveling the city to offer supplies to homeless individuals on the streets to help them survive the cold. Please help us gather jackets, blankets, hats, gloves and hand warmers.  Supplies can be dropped off at the Shelter or Hotel Louisville.
If you and your organization or family would like to help our homeless neighbors enjoy the upcoming holidays, please click on the links below to choose your time slots and volunteer opportunities.

In November's newsletter, learn about our Turkey Drive,  a great client success, Thanksgiving & Christmas plans, and more!

Providing Emergency Services since 1957

With your support, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men, women, and children.

"You will feel the joy and want to come back every week."

Sherry Wood, Beautician & Wayside Volunteer

Helping others in need often does more for the giver than the receiver.  We've all been blessed with skills to help others. Visit our volunteer page to see how you can help!


Sheltering and Helping Men,Women, Children, and Veterans.

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