COVID-19 ALERT - CALL 502-345-9030


CURRENT COVID NEEDS - Gatorade, Bottled Water, Soda 2-liter or cans, Juice Bottles or Boxes, Soup in Microwaveable Cups, Cough Drops 

Please drop off at Hotel Louisville



Hotel Louisville under contract with the Louisville health department is operating four isolation floors for COVID-positive patients.  You must call and prequalify for admission. 

 The Mission's shelter location, 432 East Jefferson:  Clients have been recently tested and the

Low Barrier Shelter registered 46 COVID-POSITIVE people, a total of 51 from the Mission were postive.  We are working directly with the Louisville Health Department monitoring the increase, isolating positive clients and repeat testing. 

At Hotel Louisville we currently have 76 COVID-19 positive patients isolating for 10-14 days.

Use extreme caution at both location. 


 Hotel Louisville: Clients have been tested with no positive tests.  However, the hotel operates  four isolation floors for COVID-19 positive people.  Please use masks, social distancing and   handwashing at this location in common areas of the hotel.

  • Shelter:  Volunteering is discouraged at this time, however, vaccinated volunteers who wish to volunteer may do so if vaccinated and if they are at low risk.  If you have not been vaccinated and wish to volunteer, please call Kris Gordon at 502-345-9030 to look at volunteer options.