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White Brick Wall

January 2024 - Volume 36, Number 1  |  Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only. (James 1.22)


I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
- Matthew 25:35

The staff of the Low Barrier Shelter at Wayside Christian Mission has seen firsthand how important it is to get people off the streets during White Flag periods... it can be life saving. And they take pride in bringing in as many people as possible on those unbearably cold days and nights.


In reality, if it wasn't for white flag at Wayside, there would be a lot more people freezing out in the streets. Other shelters do their best to take people in during white flag, but once they're at their given level, that's it. 


Wayside will make room, no matter what. And the Good Samaritan Patrol will pick up as many individuals as possible. They’ll do whatever they need to do to keep people out of inclement weather. And, with plenty of available kennels on hand, people with pets can come, too. 


Charles, a guest of the Low Barrier Shelter, expresses gratitude for the food and shelter provided by the Mission. “You’re getting food and lodging. It easily beats starving outside in the cold with no bed. So it is a relief.”


Another guest added, “The shelter and the warmth that Wayside gave me was the difference between my life and death. My body was shutting down when I found my way in there. I'm very grateful.”


Here’s a photo of people sleeping on the floors inside Wayside’s shelter during a white flag period.
It’s critical to get people inside for these periods.

Can you help with our Good Samaritan Patrols?  
Or make a Donation
Text/Call 345-9030


Thanks, Kentucky Harvest for 60 Turkeys!

Thanks to the help of Kentucky Harvest and many others during Thanksgiving, homeless clients enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and sides, plus entertainment from the Mission Choir and others.

“The generous will themselves be blessed, 

for they share their food with the poor.”

Wayside thanks everyone for helping our community’s most vulnerable enjoy a dignified, joyous holiday season.


ARDI'S BEARS donated hundreds of stuffed animals for our homeless Children and Women.


The Priory of Holy Sepulchre (Louisville) delivered 2614 pounds of turkey and ham to the Wayside Shelter for Christmas meals and more!


Hwang's Martial Arts collected almost 5000 huge cans of vegetables and delivered to the Mission. 

Wayside’s Christmas Programs Help 1000s of Children!
  Thank You Toys for Tots, ESPN and Many Others!


 Toys for Tots & ESPN Radio and others donated to the Wayside Christmas Store


Veterans were honored with a special Wayside luncheon plus clothing and gifts from the VA.


The Kiwanis Club helped children and parents enjoy 'Breakfast with Santa.'


Fleur's Dream brought toys, food, clothing, toiletries and ... Santa!!


Thousands of meals were served on Christmas day thanks to the generosity of hundreds of volunteers, donors and Wayside staff.




 The Talerant family is grateful to the Mission for giving them a calmer, supportive environment while they rebuild their lives.

In late September, a group of young people from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) visited Wayside’s shelter to play and pray with our kids. YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world, spreading the Word, and being a positive influence. YWAM visits the shelter multiple times a year to spread their love.

Her family was admitted to the Mission’s Family Emergency Shelter. Jeanette and her children have been at the Mission since October 22nd. Despite losing a lot before they came to Wayside, Jeanette considers it a blessing because they have all the basics that she struggled with before: water, electricity, and food. Jeanette is currently looking for a job and has been putting in applications. Cylaijaj and Jaderek are attending the local schools


Jeanette is grateful that her kids can now live in a calmer, supportive environment at Wayside. And she’s grateful to the Mission for helping her family in their time of need.


“I really appreciate it,” Jeanette said. “Everything that's been donated to us, I really appreciate. We came here with just our shoes and the clothes on our backs. We had nothing. And while we still don't have a lot, we have more than what we had and I appreciate that.  I want to say thank you. I really appreciate that.”


While the holidays are over,  our homeless neighbors still need help. Please volunteer if you can. Call today 502-345-9030!

The printed Waysider newsletter is produced using our in-house press to save money.
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