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November 2023 - Volume 35, Number 10  |  Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only. (James 1.22)


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A volunteer adds some gravy to a guest’s turkey meal in 2022.

To ensure we have enough turkeys this year, Wayside is once again asking for the public’s help ahead of Thanksgiving. We’re planning to serve between 2,000 and 3,000 Thanksgiving meals to homeless men, women, and children. To do this, the Mission needs 60 turkeys, 12-14 lbs each.

A Thanksgiving dinner holds special significance for Louisville's homeless community as it represents a beacon of hope and warmth. This annual tradition goes beyond merely filling empty stomachs. It serves as a reminder that, even in the most challenging of circumstances, the community cares.

Wayside will serve as many homeless people as possible who are in need of a turkey dinner.


Those dinners are:

  • Served at the Shelter

  • Served at Hotel Louisville

  • Delivered to homeless camps

  • Delivered to people who can not get out of their residence


These important meals offer hope and dignity to Louisville’s homeless folks. Please help if you can.

Turkey Drop-off Locations:

Turkey donations and other items can be dropped off from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Shelter (432 East Jefferson Street) or Hotel Louisville (120 West Broadway).



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Lorene recently celebrated the amazing accomplishment of 20 years of sobriety!

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As the Director of the Sober Living Men’s Program, Lorene often teaches sobriety classes.

“Because you deserve something better. If you come to Wayside, you can get something better. You’ll have a place to sleep and eat. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And, most importantly, you have people that CARE. Wayside has taught me humility, discipline, patience, and love. Those are things that I thought I knew, but I really didn't. We all deserve to live happy and be free. Wayside can give you that. They gave that to me.” - Lorene Barnes


Lorene Barnes has a very impressive resume. She’s currently the Director of the Sober Living Men’s Program at Wayside. Plus, she manages the Mission’s thrift store, and in-kind donations, and supervises food services and the work therapy program. She also boasts a tour in the military plus an Associates degree.

BUT, Lorene’s earlier years were NOT impressive. She developed a jealousy of a younger sibling getting more attention than her at a very young age. So, to get attention, she started acting out. Even though she was a good student, she started messing up in school. Drugs eventually entered the picture. “That was the way I got attention.” Lorene recalls. “It seemed like the more I used, the more rebellious I got. My self-esteem was real low. So when I used, I felt like I was fitting in. And so one thing just led to the next.” That behavior continued through a military tour overseas (where drugs were legal), through a marriage that ended in divorce, through some serious legal issues, and up into her early 40s. That’s when she realized she deserved something better.

Things changed for the better when she found Wayside and God. Wayside helped Lorene work the 12 Steps and discover how to live a clean life. Once she found God, “He has always remained my Higher Power,” she said. ”For me to stay clean, I have to stay up on the spiritual maintenance of the program.”

During her 20 years of sober living, Lorene has helped thousands of men fight addiction. “I've seen so many young men and older men come through. They may feel indebted to me, but they're not. I'm their mama. They’ll stop by and buy me lunch because they just feel like if I had given up on them, they wouldn't be where they are now.” There’s a great chance that, without Lorene’s and Wayside’s help, they wouldn’t be alive.


In late September, a group of young people from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) visited Wayside’s shelter to play and pray with our kids. YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world, spreading the Word, and being a positive influence. YWAM visits the shelter multiple times a year to spread their love.


Wayside CEO, Tim Moseley appreciates their visit and influence. "With so many families in our shelter, it’s really special to have YWAM sharing their positive messages with our kids! God bless these young future Christian leaders!”

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November 2023 Waysider - email_img_8.jpg

Youth With A Mission members play, pray and have a fun time with kids at Wayside’s family shelter.

WAYS you can help our homeless over the holidays.

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Volunteer your time (Thanksgiving & Christmas)

This year, we’re expecting large numbers of homeless seeking Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. That means we’ll need more volunteers! Please offer some of your time to help your homeless neighbors. If you’ve volunteered before, then you’ll know the special warmth you’ll experience by helping your neighbors in need.

Call: 502-584-3711 or sign up online:

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Sponsor a family for Christmas

Help needy children have a blessed day by sponsoring a family for Christmas. You’ll shop for the family members using a guide sheet that lists each child's sizes and a few toys that child might like. You’ll purchase as many items as you wish, wrap them, and bring them to us in time for the Christmas Eve Santa party. Santa distributes the gifts at the party to the families. We welcome your help.

Call Kris: 502-345-9030 

Spike is fired up for visitors over the holidays!


Spike always gets excited over the holidays because he gets a lot of attention from his fans. The Wayside mascot has had visits in the past from college nursing students, school and church groups, families, and many others. If you’d like to know when Spike will be available, call 502-345-9030

Watch Spike chow down on cauliflower!


As the holidays draw near, we recognize the importance of pets to our homeless clients.


These loyal companions provide warmth, comfort, and an unwavering source of emotional support during these challenging times. As we come together to make this season brighter for those we serve, let's not forget the four-legged friends who bring joy and solace to the lives of our homeless community.


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Sammy proudly shows off 2 donated cars - which are for sale.

When you donate a car to Wayside, you’re showing your love for our homeless clients. Our car salesperson Sammy, and his team will fix it up and (A) sell it for money to fund our homeless programs, or (B) help one of our clients purchase it at a discount and experience car ownership, often for the first time!

Have a car? Call/Text: 502-836-7661 

The printed Waysider newsletter is produced using our in-house press to save money.
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