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Hwang's Martial Arts Donates 1700 Cans of Food!

One of Hwang’s Martial Arts slogans is “families who kick together, stay together.” It is incredible that this martial arts group has tirelessly supported Wayside Christian Mission for a number of years. This past Saturday a busload of students and instructors landed at the Mission’s shelter, located at 432 East Jefferson St, and donated over 1700 #10 cans (the large commercial size) of food. For several years we have seen their wall of food grow and grow. During COVID-19 we wondered if they would be able to successfully have a food drive, but we should not have had doubts as they exceeded all expectations.

The Mission, one of the largest meal providers in Louisville, serves about 2,000 meals each day and food is always in demand as we try to make the holidays even more special.

Thanks, Hwang’s Martial Arts staff, and students - this was an awesome donation, and your assistance is helping our families to "stick together!"

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