Addiction Recovery Services

Wayside Christian Mission offers an Intensive 90 Day Sober Living Program which supports recovery from alcohol and other drugs.  The program teaches the essential tools for recovery, as well as, daily 12 step meeting support, ie, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Alcoholics for Christ.  Residents attend daily classes, support groups, and on and offsite meetings. Residents may participate in our Work Therapy Program,  being assigned a chore assignment to redirect thoughts of using and to help develop a good work ethic.  Clients involved with the legal system will be supported to comply with court requirements. This program is free to clients and includes, food, lodging and classes.

The Sober Living Program is an abstinence-based substance addiction program for homeless men, women, couples, and families.  Couples and families will be assessed for admission based on how they can best be served. Family and couple lodging may be provided.  

The program involves learning the nature of the problem of addiction, the solution, and practical action steps needed to recover.  The program also includes intensive relapse prevention education, including developing a personal relapse prevention plan.  In addition to 12 Step education and relapse preventing education, clients attend community meetings, spirituality classes, and on and offsite AA meetings. 


The program offers basic services, including food services onsite, semi-private rooms, clothing, private showers and restrooms, case management assistance, support services, cable TV, limited WIFI, laundry services, limited storage.


For additional information, call 502-345-9030


Aftercare Program

Available aftercare or extended lodging is available at Hotel Louisville for clients who have successfully completed the Sober Living Program and who are in good standing.   Clients pay a monthly fee and are provided with a private room with a cable TV, television, private bath, refrigerator, and microwave. Clients must attend 12 Step meetings and submit to drug testing upon request.