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    • How has Wayside responded to COVID-19?

      Wayside Christian Mission began in 1957 with ten overnight beds for homeless men. As the needs of the homeless population grew and changed over the years, Wayside Christian Mission has constantly changed and adapted, bringing new programs, such as permanent supportive housing for the disabled homeless and a low barrier shelter, for example. Then, with no warning, 2020 brought a new challenge, which the Mission has met head on. The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched us in many ways. Determined to keep the hundreds of men, women and children under our care as safe as possible, we strive to enforce new procedures and protocols. Everyone in our facilities must wear masks when outside of their sleeping areas. Social distancing is practiced, resulting in additional sittings at meals to ensure everyone is fed in a safe manner. In order to limit exposure to COVID-19, our shelter dining room is no longer open to the public. Rather, we have implemented a new mobile feeding van to ensure the unsheltered receive nutritious meals. Perhaps one of the biggest interruptions, and one which we hope will soon end, has been the limitations on volunteer services at the Mission. Believe us when we say we have grieved the temporary loss of our volunteers, not only for our clients’ sakes, but for the overall operations of the Mission. Several volunteers, however, have found ways to continue helping from a distance. For example, some have lovingly made face masks for our women and children. Others have continued to hold Bible studies via Zoom meetings. Still others have grown vegetables at home and dropped them off at the Mission. Many have spent their time shut down at home cleaning out their closets and donating their unneeded clothing and household goods to the Mission. Whatever you have done for Wayside Christian Mission, whether it has been praying, donating money or goods, working from afar, or planning volunteer projects for the future, please know that we appreciate all your efforts. For those who are contemplating helping us in the future, YES!, we need your help and we have a place for you. Come, be a part of the Mission!

    • How is Spike Doing?

      Folks often ask how Spike is doing these days. Spike, an African Tortoise, has been the Mission’s mascot for 17 years. Originally the CEO’s son’s pet, Spike (pictured at left), has grown into the mascot’s position, charming the children in the shelter and calming the adults. After a long recovery period following a tragic car accident four years ago, Spike is nearly normal today, taking his daily walk and eating great. He has a life expectancy of 150 years, so at 17, he is in his adolescence. Spike would love to mate. If you know of an available female version, please text 502-345-1300.

    • Recovery is a Healing Process

      Wayside Christian Mission has provided formal substance abuse programs since 1992. Nationwide, at least 30% of the homeless population are homeless due to substance abuse issues. Our Sober Living Program is a 12-step, abstinence-based, residential program. “I remember coming through the doors and all I wanted to do was stop getting high," Art recalls. It is truly a blessing that you can come in here and find out about not only your problem, but a solution, and that’s through working the twelve steps. I’m so grateful for what God’s doing in my life.” Men and women in our recovery programs attend educational classes each morning, study and do homework, participate in the work therapy program, and attend 12-step meetings. During this time of COVID, we have been participating with Zoom 12-step meetings. Art exclaims, “Thank God I have removed myself from the problem of addiction.”

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    • Home | Wayside Christian Mission - Providing emergency services since 1957.

      DUE TO THE GOVERNOR'S COVID-19 MANDATE, VOLUNTEERING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED!! No one will be allowed to show up to volunteer on Thanksgiving day without being preregistered. Volunteers preregistered by 5 PM Wed, 11.25.20. Please call 502-345-9030 with any questions. ALSO, it's still not too late to sign up for volunteering on Christmas Day! must be Next year, when COVID-19 is under control, we'll add an extra Thanksgiving meal for all to celebrate. We truly appreciate the public outreach and hope each of you enjoys your Thanksgiving holiday. IMPORTANT COVID NOTICE for Thanksgiving We still plan to serve thousands of meals for Thanksgiving this year! Due to Covid safety measures, Wayside volunteers will deliver the grilled food items to the homeless camps, rather than have people come into the shelter. And we need your help! Read More Miracle On Broadway brings toys, personal items and food to many. Wayside is making sure every child has a present to open on Christmas morning. Miracle on Broadway is a free Christmas store for the homeless and needy at Hotel Louisville. Read More If you haven't seen it yet, download November's newsletter. Waysider Due to Covid safety measures, Wayside volunteers will deliver the grilled food items to the homeless camps, rather than have people come into the shelter. And we need your help! Read More Providing Emergency Services since 1957 With your support, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men, women, and children. "You will feel the joy and want to come back every week." , Beautician & Wayside Volunteer Sherry Wood Helping others in need often does more for the giver than the receiver. We've all been blessed with skills to help others. to see how you can help! Visit our volunteer page Sheltering and Helping Men,Women, Children, and Veterans. Providing 2,000 meals each day to feed the hungry.

    • Volunteer NOW | WaysideCM

      Volunteer NOW Since its inception in 1957, Wayside Christian Mission has always depended upon volunteers. ​ We could not accomplish as much as we do without the help of dedicated volunteers. Here's an important fact: Many times, volunteers have approached us with ideas for service. We are very flexible, which has allowed volunteers to assist the homeless here and bring much enrichment to their lives. If you have a special talent or skill you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to call our volunteer coordinator at 502-345-9030. You may ask, “ All volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation to begin. How can I get started volunteering at Wayside Christian Mission / Hotel Louisville?” DURING COVID, please call 502-345-9030 to find out when and how you can help. Below is just a sampling of volunteer positions waiting for people to help: Samaritan Patrol Foodservice Tutoring Office Assistance Groundskeeping Light Maintenance Sorting donated clothing and goods Deep cleaning Bible studies ​ Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 502-345-9030 for more information and to get started!

    • Immediate Opportunities | WaysideCM

      Volunteer: Immediate Opportunities Immediate Opportunities Longer-Term Opportunities Internships "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank So what can you do? ​ There are scores of opportunities in need of volunteers. Some of our volunteers enjoy working in the kitchen. Each day, we serve over 2,000 meals to our homeless neighbors. Since we occupy two large buildings, there are maintenance projects for those with remodeling and carpentry skills. And if you can stuff envelopes, clean hallways, launder clothing, prepare food, or read books to kids, we have a need for you! ​ We need volunteers to assist with Samaritan Patrol. Our Samaritan Patrol volunteers take food, clothing, and other provisions to those living on the streets. In times of extreme weather, our volunteers are literally saving lives. We need willing volunteers to assist in the kitchen and dining areas. With new residents coming into our Wayside Rescue Station, there is a greater need for volunteers assisting in foodservice. We stand at the front against hunger in Louisville. Please stand with us. We can always use volunteers to help in groundskeeping at our properties. If you love to work outdoors with landscaping, etc., please consider volunteering with us. - If your church or organization has one or more passenger vans, you can arrange fun and educational trips to the zoo or local museums for the benefit of our children. This is a great project for a Sunday school class--your group can provide tickets and transportation and we'll supply a group of smiling children for you to bless! - if you have a flair for fun, become a party coordinator. Volunteers host ice cream socials, organize birthday parties or schedule impromptu parties complete with cake, ice cream, face-painting, and balloons for any occasion. --bring colored paper, glue, glitter, or any kind of craft supplies and host a craft party for our boys and girls! This is a great evening or cold-weather activity--and everyone will have a good time--even the volunteers! - with as many as 600 women, men, and children in our care, there is always a need for friendly, courteous food servers to staff our dining areas. - help put together sack lunches for men and women who are working in the community and are unable to eat at the Mission. We also provide sack meals for our mobile feeding van for breakfast, lunch, and supper. This involves making sandwiches and placing chips and snacks in each sack lunch. Check out these awesome volunteer opportunities... Field Trip Coordinator Party Coordinator Kids Craft Volunteer Leader Food Server Sack Lunch Assistant We prepare between fifty and one hundred of these each day. Sack lunches are also used by our Good Samaritan Patrol volunteers who go out during cold weather and help people who have not made it into a shelter or who will not come in out of the cold. - if you like to cook or work in the kitchen, you can help our cooks in the preparation of the 2,000 meals that we serve each day to the needy in our community. If you're not a chef or a seasoned cook, then we have a place for you--we need willing volunteers for peeling potatoes, washing vegetables, making salads, preparing desserts, cutting and buttering bread, etc. - each Saturday night we show movies to the children, parents, and single men and women who stay in our facilities. Volunteers typically bring in their favorite movie, popcorn, snacks, and cold drinks. - Do you have a special talent or skill that could help our homeless women and men find gainful employment while living as self-supporting, productive citizens? Bankers, salespeople, business owners, contractors, educators, retailers, managers--just about anyone from the business community can become an effective life skills teacher! Teach a single session or multiple classes--it is all up to you! - a great group volunteer activity for your church, civic club, or business. You are assigned an area of the mission that needs a deep cleaning. Come prepared to work hard. Some groups adopt a room or the kitchen and come monthly to volunteer and help keep the mission clean and sanitary for our guests. - another great group volunteer activity. Volunteers are assigned an outside area of the mission or the hotel and work on detailing the landscaping needs. - if you have a background in foodservice, travel, hotel management, or any facet of the hospitality industry, we have teaching slots available! Your instruction and guidance will assist our women and men in finding gainful employment. Teach a single class or multiple classes--it is up to you! - call and e-mail friends, church members, co-workers and ask them to contribute or collect financial pledges for the Mission. In addition to funds, we can also use canned goods, toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, diapers, paper, and cloth towels, used clothing, automobiles, trucks, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. Nearly anything you use at home can be used by the Mission. Organizing a collection of goods is a tangible way to help hundreds of homeless we serve every day. - plant a garden and grow vegetables for the Mission or dedicate a portion of your garden to the mission. Bring fresh cut flowers to the Mission--these will brighten up the lives of the people living here. Develop a giving relationship with your favorite restaurant by picking up leftover food and bringing it to the mission. - put your musical talents to good use. We need pianists to play our beautiful grand piano during lunch and dinner at the hotel; we also need vocalists and musicians during our Monday evening worship service. - we need drivers using our vehicles who will visit areas where homeless people congregate during times of adverse weather conditions. Drivers who have committed to this ministry on a weekly or monthly basis will bring people to the shelter or deliver food, blankets, and hot coffee to those who wish to remain on the streets. – help with accounting, front desk operations, direct mail appeals, stuffing envelopes, volunteer coordination, and supervision. If you are organized and efficient, we have volunteer opportunities waiting for you! - there is strength in numbers and large groups are particularly suited for major projects. We have many projects on our "wish list" which are ideal for large groups. In truth, there are more opportunities than we are able to list! A good way of getting started is simply by attending a volunteer orientation. By working face to face, we can find opportunities that will prove meaningful and enjoyable. Cook Helper Movie Night Coordinator Life Skills Volunteer Teacher Deep Cleaning Volunteer Landscape Volunteer Hospitality Teacher Volunteer Offsite Volunteer Unique Volunteer Ideas Volunteer Vocalists and Musicians Samaritan Patrol Volunteer Volunteer Office Assistant Group Project ​ Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 502-345-9030 for more information and to get started!

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