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July 2024 - Volume 36, Number 6  |  Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only. (James 1.22)

 Louisville Heatwave:
A Threat for the Unhoused.


Louisville's sizzling summers pose a significant health risk to the city's homeless population. With already limited access to resources, scorching temperatures can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, and even death. This is where Wayside Christian Mission steps in.


When the heat index reaches dangerous levels, the shelter activates its White Flag protocol, offering additional beds and extended hours to accommodate more people seeking refuge from the heat. But beyond offering cool shelter, Wayside provides essential services like keeping individuals hydrated and nourished during these critical times. Their staff can also identify those needing medical attention and connect them with appropriate resources.

“Thank you all so very much for providing a cool place to come in during this heat wave.” - Janet

Janet is grateful for help during the heatwave.


Shelly is happy to cool down in front of a fan.

Janet and her little dog, Shelly, were recently stranded during Louisville’s heatwave with no place to stay. Fortunately, they made their way to Wayside.

“Shelly’s my joy,” Janet said. “She means everything to me. We're from out of town. We got stranded. We didn't know what to do. Shelly's almost 10 years old. It's hot outside. Without somewhere cool to go, she could be injured. She could be hurt.”

“Without this place, I wouldn't know what to do. So I say thank y'all. Thank the people who donate to this. Thank you so much, Wayside. Thank you, God. God provides, and you all did. Thank you!”

Help Support OUR NEIGHBORS: Call 502-345-9030 or visit




For over 37 years, Charlie Koch has been a pillar of faith at Wayside. Every Wednesday night, he faithfully led the Bible study for our Recovery and Low Barrier Shelter clients. His dedication extended even through the pandemic, where he readily embraced virtual learning via Zoom to ensure the Bible study continued.


“I guess the Lord just put on my heart to minister to the homeless, Charlie shares. “Because I know it's not a ministry everybody goes after. But I've always liked it because I could see through the eyes of most of these people, if their heart was ready for the message. 


“I always had an idea that there's so many homeless people that are homeless because they didn't have love. I suppose the teaching of the Bible, teaching them to be able to relate to the love of God...that's always touched my heart. 

Mike Deeb (left) takes over Bible studies from Charlie Koch (right), who steps down after 37 years.


“I see people that are down now for whatever reason,” Charlie adds. “And you know they need help. When you see them with their eyes wide open, not stirring around, just listening, you know you're touching their heart. And that's why I've done it for 37 years.”


Now, Charlie is passing the torch to fellow Christian, Mike Deeb, who will continue the ministry because he shares that same love for our community’s homeless.


“We at Wayside are incredibly grateful for Charlie's unwavering commitment,” said Tim Moseley, Wayside’s CEO. "Charlie is a devout Christian who has impacted the lives of thousands of our clients by sharing the wisdom of the Bible. We have no doubt he has helped transform many lives. Wayside is forever indebted to Charlie for his dedication to Louisville's homeless community. And we’re excited to have Mike Deeb step in."

How can you help our


Education is the key out of poverty, and we want to be sure our homeless kids have every chance possible to succeed. Their journey demands ongoing necessities – school supplies, backpacks, attire, undergarments, socks, footwear, and beyond.


But without a bed each night, their education suffers. Please consider contributing to the Mission!


Your invaluable contributions, whether physical or financial, to the Back-To-School Fund, are greatly appreciated and can help us ignite a transformative spark in each child.

Call 502-345-9030 or visit

Susie Finds Her Recovery at Wayside


Raised in a loving family, Susie strayed down a difficult path in her teenage years. After a series of bad choices, she found herself addicted to methamphetamines, heroin, and ultimately, fentanyl.


For years, Susie battled addiction, losing custody of her 3 children and enduring the harsh realities of homelessness. She entered rehab multiple times, but none offered the spiritual guidance she craved.

Then, Susie came to Wayside Christian Mission. This time, things were different.

Susie has found new purpose at Wayside.

Susie found a program that addressed the root causes of her addiction and offered a path to a meaningful life. She embraced the 12-step program, learned valuable life skills through work therapy, and most importantly, discovered a deep connection to God. Today, Susie is a leader in her program, helping others struggling with addiction.

"At the end I was homeless, living in a tent. I was sleeping on the street... It took me to places that I never wanted to be. And I never want to have to experience that ever again, because I love my life today. And I never thought that could happen. So I'm very truly grateful for Wayside."

What’s it like to live on the streets in a tent?


When drugs are governing your existence, you’ll do whatever you need to do to keep doing those drugs. In her own words, Susie describes some of the challenges of living street life in a tent:


“Being a female living in a tent is difficult because you gotta watch out for the guys.

“And when it's cold outside, you're freezing to death. When it's hot outside, you're miserable. Then when it rains, all your stuff gets ruined.

“You never get to take a bath or a shower. You wear the same thing for months.

You never get to change your clothes unless you find something in a dumpster. The only way I would eat was to go into stores and steal food. Maybe I'd get a bowl of cereal once or twice a week. It's just a miserable life.” 


Kings Kids are still having fun every Saturday!


CPR Classes at Hotel Louisville

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An MFUGE member plays LEGOs with the kids.


MFUGE students challenge the kids in Twister!

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