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How do I get a bed?

I need basic shelter.

Wayside Christian Mission offers three levels of basic shelter to meet the needs of individuals and families seeking temporary housing.

Level 1 - Provides 24-hour lodging and meals at 432 East Jefferson Street, Louisville KY 40202, with reserved lodging available for men, women, and families. To reserve a bed at an emergency shelter or access services to prevent homelessness, please contact our Coordinated Shelter Access office at (502) 637-2337, which operates seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Level 2 - Our walk-in Low Barrier Shelter at the same address provides 24-hour emergency dorm lodging with meals for men, women, and families, and no reservations are required. The Rescue Station operates 24 hours per day, with beds available for additional nights once checked in. Estimated bed availability can be found on our website.

Level 3 - Operation White Flag, offers 24-hour temporary lodging and protection from extreme weather conditions for men, women, and families, with meals provided. During Operation White Flag, no one is turned away, and shelter is provided on the floor with mats and blankets. Clients are welcome to stay inside the building during White Flag conditions, which occur during windchill at 35 degrees or below, a heat index of 95 degrees or above, and during ozone alert times. Pets, service, and emotional support animals are welcome but must be kept in kennels (during the night) or on a leash during wake hours.

First-time visitors are admitted at any time, with reentry allowed the next day. Individuals in possession of drugs or alcohol, exhibiting violent behavior, or posing a threat to staff and others are not admitted. Three meals are provided during the stay.


I need help with an addiction, how can you help?

Wayside Christian Mission provides a comprehensive, free 6-month recovery program, offering a supportive, drug and alcohol-free environment. Participants benefit from semi-private rooms with restrooms and TV, 12-Step recovery classes five mornings a week, work therapy job training assignments, evening and weekend AA/NA meetings and relapse prevention training. Additionally, each participant engages in basic case management and may meet with an onsite therapist. The program also includes two chapel services each week, as well as recreational and entertainment group activities such as movie nights, sober dances, and sober band and choir events.

Residents are provided with all the essentials, including food and clothing if needed. Accommodations are assigned either at the Mission, located at 432 East Jefferson Street, Louisville KY 40202, or at Hotel Louisville, situated at 120 West Broadway, Louisville KY 40202. Individuals seeking admission or wishing to speak with a staff member can do so by texting or calling 502-345-9030.

More information is also available online at

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