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Donate a Car or Boat

Do you believe in ReinCARnation?

The old family car has served you well, but lately, you have been thinking about something newer.

If you have been bitten by the "new car bug." please consider donating your current vehicle to Wayside Christian Mission.


Your old car, truck, SUV, minivan OR boat can help us feed, clothe, house, and train Louisville's homeless population. Sales of donated vehicles are used to fund our many innovative programs. Even if your old car or boat requires a bit of work, one of our mechanics will make it run again.


You may even find that the tax-deduction will be worth more to you than the dealers trade-in value. 


We also use donated vehicles in the Mission’s work when possible: 

  • SUV’s are used in our Samaritan Patrol. 

  • Trucks are used to pick up donations. 

  • Vans are used to transport clients.


Please consider donating your vehicle when you are blessed with a newer one. The Mission can also accept a donated boat or motorcycle. Your gift will help support the work of the Mission.


Give your old vehicle a second life! Your reinCARnated car, truck, SUV, or minivan or boat will be a blessing to us and to those whom we serve!


Bryant 502-966-1888 (text or call). We will make your donation a smooth transaction!

Image by Tyler Donaghy
Sailboat Maintenance
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