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Good Samaritan Patrol

Samaritan Patrol Reduces Death Rate Among Louisville’s Homeless.

Our Samaritan Patrol takes to the streets seeking homeless persons who are at risk of exposure, malnutrition, random our shelter; for those who do not, we provide food, warm clothing, hot coffee, blankets, and Bibles.  


Thanks to our Samaritan Patrol, deaths to exposure have dramatically dropped in Louisville.  We need more volunteer drivers and donors who are willing to support this life violence or any of the many other dangers that come from living on the streets.  


Our Samaritan Patrol drivers know where homeless people camp.  It often takes repeated visits for our drivers to gain their trust.


Volunteers are generally assigned one night a week to perform Patrol duty.

Your support helps keep our Samaritan Patrol on the streets. This is truly a life-saving ministry. Will you please stand with us?

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