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Enjoy Lunch at the Cardinal Crossing Cafe

Our $5 lunch plate is still the best dining bargain in Louisville... even with COVID!

Where else but Hotel Louisville will you find a $5 lunch plate each weekday, Monday through Friday, from 11 AM until 3 PM?  


Our legendary fried chicken is served daily, but you may also find deliciously prepared baked chicken, hearty meatloaf, or other expertly prepared entrees! All with social distancing and masks!


And since your Mom would want you to eat your veggies, we offer an assortment of seasoned vegetables as well as cool, crisp salads!

How about a hot fruit cobbler for dessert? You get all of this for $5, so why eat fast food from a sack when you can enjoy real southern cooking in our cheerful Cardinal Crossing Cafe?

For the health-conscious, you'll discover an assortment of salads and vegan dishes.  

Our cooking is authentic and so is our service!  Stop by for lunch! Discover why our Cardinal CrossingsCafe has become a favorite among our local friends and neighbors! 


The Cardinal Crossing Cafe, located in the lobby of Hotel Louisville, is open seven days a week.  A complimentary breakfast is available to all Hotel guests from 6:30 AM to 9 AM daily.  The Cafe is open from 11 AM to 8 PM for lunch and supper daily. 


On the weekends, the cafe opens to the public at 7 AM for breakfast.  The cafe is cafeteria-style during lunch, with affordable plate lunch specials as well as short order menu items.   When the cafeteria steam table closes at 3 PM, customers can still order short orders from the menu until 8 PM ( 9 PM on Friday and Saturday evenings). 

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