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Giving through Estate or Insurance

Wayside Christian Mission is very grateful for folks who remember us in their estate planning or insurance policy.

When making out your will, please denote any bequests to us as:  Wayside Christian Mission, 120 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY, 40202.  Estate gifts can include financial amounts or percentages, collectibles, furniture, antiques, vehicles, real estate, jewelry, or any other tangible items, as well as stocks and bonds.


If you have an insurance policy that you would like to name the Mission as beneficiary, please also denote us as Wayside Christian Mission, 120 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202. 

Signing a Contract

Any insurance policy, bank account, retirement account, or other legal instruments that ask for a beneficiary can be left to the Mission by simply naming us.  This keeps the gift out of a lengthy probate process.

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