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Christmas Lights

Christmas 2023


How to Remember that
Jesus is the Real Reason
for the Season.

Celebrating Christmas is a beautiful tradition that many people enjoy each year. For Christians, this time of year serves as an opportunity to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith that grew from it. During this season, people around the world come together to celebrate in different ways, from exchanging gifts to decorating their homes. Despite its commercialization, it can be easy for some to forget that Jesus is the real reason for the season. Here are a few tips on how to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas celebration.

At Wayside Christian Mission we suggest that you first of all, spend time reflecting on what Jesus did for us by reading scripture and engaging in prayer. Spend quality time with family members by doing devotions or attending church services together; these activities will help you remember why you’re celebrating this holiday in the first place!

Bible Passages: Jesus on Christmas

The Christmas season is a time of joy and celebration, but it's important to remember that Jesus is the real reason for the holiday. During this time of year, people can look to the Bible for passages that emphasize how Jesus affects Christmas. Here are some scriptures that convey Jesus' role in the holiday season.

One passage from Luke 2:10-11 reads: “And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” This passage emphasizes Jesus as our savior and acknowledges his birth at Christmas as an event worthy of celebration and remembrance. Another passage from Matthew 1:21 reads: And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. This text explains how Jesus' birth allows us to be forgiven of our sins.

The Bible is the best source of information about Jesus, but there are many other sources that provide details about his birth. Many scholars believe the New Testament Gospels were written by eyewitnesses and/or those who interviewed eyewitnesses.

Traditions: Jesus as the Reason

As the holidays approach, it's important to remember that Jesus is the true reason for the season. While there are many fun and exciting traditions associated with this time of year, understanding how Jesus fits into a family's holiday celebration can help bring extra meaning to each moment.

The tradition of celebrating Jesus' birth on Christmas Day dates back centuries and has become a hallmark of the Christian faith around the world. For Christians, remembering Jesus during this special time brings joy to their hearts and peace to their minds as they reflect on what His presence means in their lives. Celebrating Jesus should be at the center of any holiday gathering; from caroling hymns about Him, reading stories about His life, or simply sharing meals together in gratitude for His sacrifice on the cross.

Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

The Christmas season is a time of giving and receiving gifts. But why do we give gifts at Christmas? The answer lies in the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Gift-giving has long been associated with religious celebrations and festivals, like Christmas, as a way to honor God, show gratitude for His presence in our lives, and remember His teachings in the Bible.

By exchanging presents during the festive season, we can reconnect with each other and the real reason for the holiday - honoring Jesus for his divine power. Not only does it bring joy to those who receive them but it also serves as a reminder of what really matters during this special time: remembering that Jesus is the real reason for this season.

What is the best gift that Christians can give at Christmas?

The Christmas season is a time of joy, celebration, and giving. But what is the best gift that Christians can give at this special time? While material gifts are certainly appreciated, the greatest gifts come from thoughtful acts of kindness and love in Jesus’ name.

Giving to those less fortunate, volunteering in the community or with an organization dedicated to helping others, and spending quality time with family and friends are all meaningful ways to remember that Jesus should be the real focus of this special holiday season. Whether it's a small gesture or something more substantial, these gifts have a lasting impact far beyond any store-bought items. Not only do they bring joy to others, but also remind us of how much God loves us – His ultimate gift.

Remembering Jesus at Christmas

As the Christmas season sets in and joyous festivities take precedence, it is important to remember the real reason for the season: Jesus. The birth of Jesus Christ should be celebrated as the foundation of this holiday and serve as a reminder of its true meaning.

The Christmas season has become a time to celebrate with family, give gifts, decorate homes, and create traditions that bring joy to many in our society. While these acts can all be honorable, we must never forget that Christmas is first and foremost about remembering Jesus’ birth. His story is one of love, sacrifice, and compassion – values we should strive for throughout all aspects of our lives.

Focusing on Jesus during this special time of year allows us to truly appreciate why we are celebrating in the first place.

Keep Jesus the Reason for the Season

Here are a few ways that we can ensure that Christ remains the primary focus during this festive period:

  • First and foremost, take some time to learn more about Jesus—his life and teachings—and share this knowledge with family and friends.

  • Reading the Bible together can be especially meaningful; not only will you gain insight into who Jesus was as a person, but you will also get the chance to reflect on his teachings within the context of today's world.

  • As the holidays approach, many people who live alone and celebrate Christmas can find themselves feeling lonely. Celebrating Christmas with Jesus is a meaningful way to remember the real reason for the season, even if there are no family members or friends around. To honor Jesus on Christmas Day, here are some ideas for how to make his presence felt in your life when you're living alone or with others:

  1. First, take time to reflect on why Jesus came into the world and thank him for his sacrifice. Set aside a few minutes in advance of Christmas Day each year to read scripture and meditate on God's word. Use an online Bible app or purchase a devotional book that focuses on Christ's birth and what it means today.

  2. Another great way to honor Jesus is through prayer and worship music.

  3. Praying a Christmas prayer can also help us celebrate Christmas even if we are alone. For example, we can pray: Thank you for the love of Jesus and his birth. He is the greatest gift ever given.


From all of us at Wayside Christian Mission,
Merry Christmas and may God Bless You!
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