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Honor with a Tribute

Do you want to memorialize a beloved, deceased friend or relative? 
Honor someone you love with a Tribute!


Would you like to memorialize a beloved friend or relative?  Are you looking for a meaningful Christmas gift? Honor someone you love with a Tribute! Your loving tribute is tax-deductible and will appear in a future issue of The Waysider. This is simple and easy...


  • Tell us how much you want to give.

  • Tell us whom you wish to honor or remember.

  • Give us your name.

  • To whom shall the gift be acknowledged?

  • Give us the recipient’s mailing address.

  • Give us your address.


Send your check to:

Wayside Christian Mission

P.O. Box 7249

Louisville, KY 40257-0249


You may also contact us via email or phone:

Call or text: 502 345 1300


OR, click this button to securely donate online: 

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