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Christmas Lights

Miracle on Broadway - Help for Families

Is your family in need of help this Christmas? We might be able to bring cheer your way.

Wayside is making sure every child has a present to open on Christmas morning. Miracle on Broadway is a free Christmas store for the homeless and needy at Hotel Louisville. The store provides toys, personal items and food for over 5,000 people each year. If you'd like to get help, please follow the steps below and we'll do our best to help!



If you are applying to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, DO NOT FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION. We coordinate with the Salvation Army and you cannot participate in both programs.


  • In order to complete your application, we must have the following:

    1. Copy of your picture ID

    2. Full address with zip code

    3. Your phone number and/or a contact number

    4. Copy and proof of each child you are claiming, (i.e.)

      • copy of each child’s birth certificate/social security numbers

      • copy of your food stamp information listing your children

      • copy of your child’s immunization records or school records.

  • Copies of ID can be attached to your return email with your application or dropped off at the shelter.

  • Email the above information to:

  • By December 12, you should receive a postcard from us stating the date and time of your appointment.  IF YOU MOVE BEFORE DECEMBER, PLEASE CALL AND PROVIDE YOUR NEW ADDRESS!


If approved, you will be able to come to our store and shop for your kid(s) at an appointed day/time. Your toys will not be available before your scheduled day/time. 

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