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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wayside Christian Mission located?

Our primary emergency campus is located at 432 East Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202. Our other major downtown facility, Hotel Louisville, is located at 120 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202.

How do I volunteer at Wayside Christian Mission?

You may call 502-345-9030 or email to inform us of your interest.  After you complete a short volunteer orientation, you will be permitted to perform voluntary services in accordance with your skills and preferences and the Mission’s needs.

If I donate money, where does it go?

During the fiscal year that ended on 09/30/2018, $90.53 of every $100.00 donated to Wayside Christian Mission funded direct services to the homeless. Only $9.47 of every $100.00 paid for organizational overhead.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, to the fullest extent permitted by law.  Wayside Christian Mission is recognized under two tax-exempt sections of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 501(c)(3) classifies the Mission as a public charity, and section 509(a)(1) classifies the Mission as an ecclesiastical organization.  In light of recent revisions of the Internal Revenue Code, you may wish to consult with your tax advisor to obtain advice tailored to your specific financial situation.

Can I donate by mail?

Yes. You may send a check or money order to Wayside Christian Mission, P.O. Box 7249, Louisville, KY 40257-0249.  We do not recommend sending cash through the mail.

How can I donate online?

To donate, click the green donate button at the top or bottom of the home page and follow the prompts.  You may choose to donate by credit card or PayPal and also whether or not to make your donation a recurring transaction.  All financial donations are acknowledged promptly with a letter that meets IRS requirements for deduction on Schedule A.

Is my online donation processed securely?

Yes. Our processor uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Is my personal information maintained securely?

Yes. Access to our donor database is restricted to two employees (COO and development director) with a business-related need for that information. We neither sell nor share our mailing list.

How do I change or update my credit/debit card information?

You may go through the donation portal on our website ( to change or update information associated with recurring donations or contact the development director at 502-836-7661 for assistance.  For non-recurring donations, you will need to provide payment information with each transaction, which will enable you to update your information as frequently as you would like to do so.

My credit or debit card was rejected. How should I respond?

You may contact the development director at 502-836-7661 to notify the Mission. You should discuss the problem with your card issuer as well, not only to address the immediate complication with your donation but also to ensure that you are aware of the status of your account with the issuer.

How can I modify or cancel my recurring donation?

You may do so through the donation portal on our website (

Does Wayside Christian Mission participate in any door-to-door solicitation?

Wayside Christian Mission neither conducts door-to-door solicitations nor supports partners with, nor benefits from the activities of any companies or individuals claiming to raise funds through such practices.

What types of gifts-in-kind does Wayside Christian Mission accept?

We gratefully accept non-perishable food, clothing, hygiene items, household items, and furniture. We use such donations as much as possible to assist our clients and operate our shelters. Items remaining after in-house needs are met go to our thrift store, which trains clients in retail, shipping/receiving, and warehouse work and meets needs in Louisville’s low-income neighborhoods. All proceeds from the thrift store go to operate the shelters. The thrift store is located at 9125 Galene Drive in Jeffersontown.

Does Wayside Christian Mission pick up donations?

Yes. You may call Michelle Hines at 502-584-3711 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday) to arrange for a pick-up and an estimate of our arrival time on the assigned day.

What is Wayside Christian Mission’s taxpayer ID#?


Does Wayside Christian Mission provide rental or utility assistance?

No. Many of our residents use our client savings program to accumulate funds for their eventual relocation to their own apartments.  For clients on the verge of becoming successful alumni/ae, relocation costs may include security deposits, the first month’s rent, and utility arrears and/or deposits. For low-income Louisville residents who are housed, the most likely source of rental or utility assistance is the community ministry with responsibility for the neighborhood in which the requestor resides.

How can I receive assistance with food and clothing?

Wayside Christian Mission operates a mobile feeding program to serve needy individuals who are unsheltered. We have a varied selection of clothing at rock bottom prices in our thrift store.

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Who is eligible for shelter at Wayside Christian Mission?

Any adult 18 years or older, and families with children are all welcome at Wayside Christian Mission. We cannot lodge children without a parent or guardian. We cannot accept registered sex offenders, as we house children on the property.


What do I need to check in to the shelter?

Adults all need a picture ID. Also, everyone must have proof of a negative TB test or must get tested within seven days of check-in.


What does it cost to stay at the shelter?

Wayside Christian Mission does not charge for emergency shelter. Neither is there any charge for the recovery program. Once a client has graduated from the program, if they wish to stay longer, there may be a service fee attached. 


What does Wayside Christian Mission do?

Wayside Christian Mission serves Louisville’s neediest residents, those who have no homes, by providing not only survival necessities (clothing, food, shelter) but also case management and instructional programming to help them increase their ability to live independently.

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