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Continuing to serve as one of Louisville's main safety nets, Wayside Christian Mission tackles the root causes of homelessness using a proven holistic approach. 

Alcoholism, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, and a lack of education and/or vocational skills are among the leading causes of homelessness. 


By addressing the primary causes of homelessness in a nurturing, caring environment, those bound by poverty and addiction have been able to return to the community as sober, self-supporting citizens. 

Wayside Christian Mission programs and facilities include:

  • Men’s Emergency Shelter 

  • Men’s Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Family Emergency Shelter

  • Women’s Permanent Supportive Housing 

  • Single Women’s Emergency Shelter 

  • VA Program assisting homeless men, women, and families

  • Low Barrier Shelter for Men, Women and Families

  • Samaritan Patrol providing blankets, hot coffee, food, clothing, transportation to the shelter

  • Dining Hall 

  • Chapel  

  • Thrift store (9125 Galene Drive)

  • Sober Living Recovery Program (Provides six month to one year residential recovery program for homeless men and women at no charge)

  • Educational Classes (tutoring; computer classes on-site; literacy, critical thinking skills)

  • College and Career Program (provides post-secondary educational opportunities as well as certificate program opportunities)

  • Work Therapy Program (provides hands-on training as well as formal classroom training)

  • Life skills training

  • Onsite case management

  • Collaborative educational/vocational/training opportunities with fifteen area universities, colleges, and seminaries including the University of Louisville, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Sullivan University, Spalding University, Bellarmine University, Campbellsville University, Galen College of Nursing, Southern Seminary, Simmons College, St. Meinrad Seminary, and Louisville Seminary  

  • Vocational Training (culinary arts, auto mechanics, print shop, retail)

  • Wayside Christian Mission participates in Operation White Flag which allows additional bedding for the homeless during extreme weather conditions


Confronting Addictions

Alcohol and drug addiction is a common problem for many people who are homeless. In fact, it is estimated that as high as 80% of homeless people have problems with addiction. 


Addictions cannot only trap a person in homelessness, it can destroy families, jobs, health, and spiritual well-being.


To help battle homelessness, we have developed a Sober Living Program, a Christian program to attack this underlying problem. We teach addicted people to practice complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs. 

We help people to understand their addiction, give them the tools needed to defeat their addiction, and teach strategies to prevent relapse as they continue their journey back into society. We meet people where they are and help them to find a better way with God’s help.

Our programs are located in two separate buildings. The women’s recovery program is located in Hotel Louisville, 120 West Broadway.  The Hotel is located in the heart of Louisville and provides a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive for recovery. 


The hotel offers semi-private hotel rooms with private baths.  Each day begins with devotions, followed by recovery classes, work therapy assignments, and 12 Step meetings. Clients are encouraged to participate in chapel and bible studies which focus on assisting with recovery.


Most of the clients in the program participate in our hotel job training program, learning marketable job skills, developing a good work habit, and learning how to better fit into today’s job market.  Many graduates find jobs in the hospitality industry, applying their new skills, and begin living as a productive member of society.

Our men’s recovery program is located at 432 East Jefferson Street and offers a structured approach to living life on life’s terms. Men are assigned semi-private rooms with private baths that can hold 2-8 people. Each day begins with devotions, followed by recovery classes, exercise, work therapy assignments, and 12 Step meetings.


Clients may attend chapel and bible studies geared to help with recovery. Many residents not only learn how to recover from their addiction but also learn job skills and develop a good work ethic.  Often residents train in our kitchen, on our trucks picking up donations of food and clothing, or help in security or housekeeping. 


Do You Need Recovery from an Addiction?

How do you know if you are battling a drug/alcohol addiction? Ask yourself, how many times have you attempted to control or reduce your intake of alcohol or drugs. How often have you promised others you would cut back. Do you find yourself drinking or using just to feel well enough to get through the day? Has your family given up on you, have you lost your job, your spouse, or friends because of your drinking or drug use?


Your life can change. You can feel much better, get a job, reconnect with family and friends. Have you ever thought about living a productive life without the use of alcohol or drugs?


You can get healthy again.


Wayside Christian Mission’s Sober Living Program can help you turn things around and give you a chance to heal from the inside out, repairing the damage that has been done over the years.


The program is simple. 


Start each day with your recovery partners: begin with devotions, learn about addiction in recovery classes, exercise, and learn how to dance, attend nutritional classes, support groups, and bible studies. 


End each day with a work therapy assignment or a 12 Step meeting. The program is free, you just need to have an open mind and a willingness to give it a chance. God will help you as you begin a new life without alcohol and drugs.


Call (502) 584-3711 to reserve your bed and begin today!

Sober Living Program

Wayside Christian Mission offers a nine to twelve month residential, abstinence-based Sober Living Program. As a donor-supported mission, we do not charge for our services.  Women and men in our program attend recovery classes five days a week, engage in forty-hour per week work therapy assignments, and participate in regularly scheduled group community meetings. Other classes and faith-based meetings are also available for our clients’ personal growth, understanding, and edification. 
If you have a substance abuse issue, please phone 502-345-9030 or email: 
Often, email is faster. Either way, your request will be answered.


We work closely with the courts, prosecutors, public defenders, prison case managers, and alternate sentencing workers. Non-violent drug offenders who are currently incarcerated will most likely fare better in our program. To refer a client to our program, use the contact form below or phone 502-345-9030. 

How WE Help - Overview


If you are a family member or friend of a substance abuser, please have the individual email or phone us directly.  Unless you are a client’s legal representative or case manager, we need to hear directly from the prospective client.  
Clients joining our recovery program can bring some changes of clothing, toiletries, and a few personal items. Resident clients are not permitted cell phones or computers. While this is not a lock-down facility, clients are monitored and strict curfews are enforced. 
The food is good and plentiful. Resident clients are treated with dignity and respect. The program rules are based on common-sense practices. The facilities are clean and well-monitored.
Because of privacy issues, we are unable to give information on or verify the whereabouts of clients to family members or friends. Please do not ask us to divulge such information as this is a violation of federal law. You may send cards and letters to loved ones in the care of Wayside Christian Mission. 

At this time, parents cannot bring their children into the program, but we are convinced you will be a better parent after completing our program.  

 We are here to help. This is a compassionate program that has helped legions of women and men live sober, productive lives.  Please consider partnering with us through your generous giving. 

Let us offer some additional highlights of our program:

  • This is a nine to twelve month residential, abstinence-based program

  • Clients are not allowed to hold outside jobs until reaching "aftercare"

  • The women are housed at Hotel Louisville at 120 West Broadway

  • Men in recovery report to our main campus at 432 East Jefferson Street

  • We do not charge for our services

  • Clients are engaged in a forty-hour week work therapy program--this is not to be confused with employment

  • We are, perhaps, more flexible than some other agencies as to medications

  • We cannot accept registered sex offenders

  • Clients have recovery classes five days a week--this is an arduous program and participants are expected to put forth their best efforts, but sobriety has its rewards

Please phone 502-345-9030 for more information about the Sober Living Program.

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