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At Wayside Christian Mission we have so many volunteer opportunities it would be impossible to list them all!  Call our Volunteer Coordinator (812) 251-6907 and let them match you up with an opportunity that best fits you.

Thrift Store Volunteer Jobs

Wayside Christian Mission operates a thrift store in the community that not only provides clothing to shelter and program residents, but also household furniture and appliances, dishes, etc., to clients moving from the mission into apartments. 

This store also helps many struggling families involved in other non-profits who are moving to permanent housing. Income from the store supports the many programs the mission operates.


Below are some volunteer tasks at our store:


  • Sort clothing

  • Clean and straighten

  • Organize clothing racks

  • Stock shelves

  • Customer floor assistant

  • Call for material pick ups

  • Answer the phone

  • Develop store displays

Volunteer Activity Opportunities

Conduct one of the following activities monthly:

  • Movie Night - Provide appropriate inspirational movies (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Children’s Movie Night (Shelter)

  • Sewing Class (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Makeovers Class (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Monthly Birthday Parties - for children or adults (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Special holiday events for children or adults (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Crafts activity for single women, children and parents (Shelter and Hotel)

Professional or Skilled Volunteer Jobs

  • Night Chaplain (Shelter)

  • Landscaper and groundskeeper (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Pet therapy (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Maintenance assistant - help our maintenance team (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Tutor Children (Shelter)

  • Life Skills teacher (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Parenting Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Painting (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Carpentry (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Bicycle repair and recondition at bike shop (Shelter)

Non-Skilled Volunteer Jobs

  • Night Monitor for emergency shelter (Shelter)

  • Cold weather White Flag Program support monitor (Shelter)

  • Samaritan Patrol driver or rider/assistant (Shelter)

  • Bible Study teacher (Shelter)

  • Client transportation driver (Shelter)

  • Clothes washer/dryer assistant (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Assist with check in (Shelter)

  • Aerobics, dance or exercise instructor (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Adopt a room in the shelter (Shelter)

  • Develop and maintain a bulletin board for information (Shelter & Hotel)

  • Wash/Wax/Detail buses, vans and agency vehicles (Hotel)

  • Cutting and placing flowers (Shelter & Hotel)

Kitchen Volunteer Jobs (Hotel and Jefferson)

  • Serving Meals

  • Help prepare meals

  • Organize a cookout

  • Plan and prepare special cultural meals

  • Solicit food and prepare a special meal

  • Inventory and organizing of food product

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