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Holiday Volunteers

We're so excited to get your volunteer help!

SPECIAL THANKS to all of you that helped make this Thanksgiving 2022 so special for our Wayside clients and other homeless individuals. You are amazing!!

Ready to help on Christmas Day 2022?
Follow the 3 STEPS below to sign up as a Wayside helper. We've also listed the specific volunteering opportunities for this Christmas Day 2022. We hope you'll lend our homeless your time, care and energy!


Watch this short video: 


Sign up for your available time blocks on SignUpGenius
(OR call 502-345-9030)



Download this waiver, complete, and bring along with your ID on Christmas Day.
(PLEASE NOTE: Your ID is required!! This is for our clients' safety.)

REMINDER:  Volunteers MUST bring a photo ID.
(For safety, we cannot let those without IDs volunteer.)

Can't Volunteer?


  • Turkeys

  • Towels

  • Coats (we really need 2x,3x,4x)

  • Dog Food

  • Desserts

  • Shower Shoes

  • Coffee

  • Toilet Paper

  • Can soda

Drop off all items at Hotel Louisville (120 West Broadway, 40202)

You can still help by providing any of the following much-needed items:

Want to donate?

We welcome any amount you can comfortably afford to give, using one of these three options:

(1) Call us at 502-836-7661

(2) Mail a check to: Wayside Christian Mission, PO Box 7249, Louisville, KY 40257
(3) Donate online over our SECURE SERVER by clicking the button below: 

I am unable to volunteer, but I would like to donate.

I am volunteering and
I would also like to donate.

(Hotel Louisville location)

5 AM - 9 AM    

  • Kitchen Help: (Prepping food:  cracking eggs, panning bacon, panning sausage, panning biscuits, brewing coffee, preparing pancakes. prepping lunch, boxing up meals to go)

  • Dining Room Help: (Setting up tables and chairs; wrapping silverware; setting tables with condiments, etc, serving coffee, serving the buffet line, serving beverages, bussing tables)

  • Sanitation Crew: (washing dishes, washing pots and pans, running dirty dishes from the ballroom to the kitchen, running clean plates, etc.., to the ballroom, sweeping / mopping floors, removing trash)

9 AM to 1 PM

  • Sanitation Crew: (Washing dishes, washing pots and pans, running dirty dishes from the ballroom to the kitchen, running clean plates, etc., to the ballroom, sweeping / mopping floors, removing trash).

  • Kitchen Help: (Peeling potatoes, deboning turkeys, cutting up fresh fruit, preparing vegetables, preparing dressing, brewing coffee, brewing tea, boxing up meals to go to special areas, sending desserts up to the ballroom)

  • Dining Room Help: (plating desserts, serving the lunch buffet line, setting tables with fresh tablecloths when needed and condiments, wrapping silverware, ironing table cloths, serving beverages, bussing tables, serving desserts)


1 PM to 5 PM

  • Sanitation Crew: (washing dishes, washing pots and pans, sweeping / mopping floors, removing trash, running dirty dishes to the kitchen, running clean dishes, etc., to the ballroom,)

  • Kitchen Help: (Preparing supper foods, boxing meals to go to special areas, brewing iced tea, prepping rolls, etc.)

  • Dining Room Help: (Set tables up for supper meal, wrapping silverware as needed, plating desserts as needed, ironing tablecloths as needed)


5 PM to 8 PM

  • Dining Room Help: (Serving the buffet line, serving beverages, serving desserts, bussing tables, removing all soiled table cloths at the end of the meal, removing all silverware, condiments, etc after the meal, restack chairs in the storage closet after the meal)

  • Sanitation Crew: (Washing dishes, washing pots and pans, Sweeping / mopping floors, making sure all dirty dishes, utensils, etc, are removed from the ballroom to the kitchen, making sure all the food is removed from the ballroom to the kitchen, make sure all trash is removed)

  • Kitchen Help: (Make sure all food is stored safely and marked with the date and time, Make sure all dishware, glassware, and silverware is stored properly, make sure all food prep machines are cleaned, including coffee/tea brewing units and mashed potato machine)

DOs and DON'Ts of Volunteering


  • Be friendly and put on a smile when working with our clients

  • Be understanding - many of our clients are going through one of the lowest periods in their lives.

  • Be patient - our clients may not do things the way you are used to; be patient and give them some time.

  • Wash your hands before working in the kitchen; put on gloves and a hairnet.

  • Be supportive - offer kind words of encouragement.

  • Pray - pray for our clients, get their first name, and pray that their lives will get better.

  • Use universal precautions in all activities. Use gloves if possible.

  • Wear conservative clothing

  • Lock up your purse or coat - we suggest you leave it in your car trunk.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Be aware that some of our clients may have criminal histories.

  • Be aware that about 1/3 of our clients have mental illnesses (some choose not to take medication).

  • Be aware that about 1/2 of our clients have an alcohol or drug dependency.



  • Do not loan or give money to clients

  • Do not give any personal information (other than the first name), including phone numbers or addresses.

  • Never leave minors alone - adult supervision is required at all times.

  • Never be alone - have a partner or staff member with you or stay with your group.

  • Never touch, hug, or flirt with a client.

  • Do not argue with clients; report problems to a staff member.

  • Do not transport a client in your personal car.


Volunteer requirements

  • All volunteers must sign a waiver of liability

  • All volunteers 18 or older must have a photo ID on file

  • Minors must be with their parents or supervisors at all times.

  • Volunteers must go through a volunteer orientation, fill out a volunteer form, allow us to make a copy of their photo ID, and list their mailing address, email address, and cell or home number.

  • People with felony records may not volunteer without special review and approval.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 502-345-9030 for more info and to get started!

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