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February 2024 - Volume 36, Number 2  |  Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only. (James 1.22)



Volunteers offer food, coffee, clothing & prayer to a homeless individual.

Local church members selflessly volunteer for the Good Samaritan Patrol. This life-saving patrol operates during both extreme cold and heat, rescuing individuals and guiding them to the safety of the Mission. Those who choose to remain outside are provided with food, warm beverages, and essential items such as blankets or sleeping bags. Many individuals encountered struggle with addiction or mental health issues, leading to risky decisions to brave the elements. Our primary objective is to transport them to the Low Barrier Shelter, where they can find warm lodging, receive a hot meal, shower, and clothing.


This critical patrol heavily relies on dedicated volunteers who are carefully oriented to the task and venture out in pairs to locate and assist those without shelter.

CLICK HERE to watch a new video of the Samaritan Patrol in action helping folks out in the cold!

Many homeless folks depend on Wayside’s Good Samaritan Patrol volunteers


Can you help with our Good Samaritan Patrols
Or make a Donation? Text/Call 345-9030


DIRECTOR'S CORNER: Wayside is one of the Few Shelters in the Area which Allows Guests to Bring their Dogs or Cats.


Von and her ‘life-saving’ therapy dog stay warm at the shelter.

When Von M. arrived at Wayside Christian Mission’s shelter, she had her dog with her. Despite facing rejections elsewhere due to her refusal to part with her beloved pet, Wayside welcomed her and her furry companion with open arms.


“So when I came here,” Von says, “I had my dog with me. I did not stay at a number of shelters because they didn't accept dogs and I would not give him up (my dog who is like a family member), I was turned down. But Wayside Christian Mission didn't turn me down. They accepted me. They accepted my baby.” 


To Von, Wayside’s Shelter felt like home, providing a sense of comfort and stability during challenging times. Her dog, serving as her therapy companion, had been a constant source of support through the difficulties they had endured together.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Von talking about her dog, Wayside and gratitude!


Despite being advised to surrender her dog to a pound in exchange for accommodation, she chose to stay in her car for a week. She eventually entered the Mission and soon discovered firsthand the genuine care and support provided by the Mission staff and volunteers, especially toward families and children in need. The Mission offers so many good things to people who need shelter.


Wayside understands that pets can be like family members and we try to accommodate them when we can.

“I see the monitors, they really care about the people. They go out of their way to help them, to help their children. And I just want to say that I'm really grateful for what this place does to help the community.”

King’s Kids’ offers kids crafts, games & more on Saturdays


Kids having fun on Saturdays with King’s Kids.

girls volunteering in the kitchen_001.jpg

Samantha, Deborah & Ruby. 

Bible school sign_001_edited.jpg

Three young women--Samantha, Deborah, and Ruby--were searching for the longest time to find a place where they could  serve and give back. Then they connected with Wayside and created, ‘King’s Kids’ which offers ‘Crafts, Games, Dancing, Skits, Stories, Snacks and More!’ every Saturday at Wayside Christian Mission.


It's turning out to be an extremely positive experience for all involved. Some of the children showed up timid and stand-offish at first, but, by the time they left they were singing and laughing. And the women are grateful for the opportunity and say they ‘Can’t wait to continue to do the work the Lord has given us!”

TO START VOLUNTEERING; Just show up at Hotel Louisville on Saturday mornings at 10 AM.

Watch our volunteer orientation video, fill out a volunteer interest form, and get ready to volunteer.

Wayside Gets Homeless Out of the Cold During White Flag

Wayside’s Shelter makes room on the floor to help get as many homeless individuals off the street as they can.

When the temperature or wind chill drops below 35 degrees, homeless individuals are at risk of extreme health hazards, including frostbite and death. That’s when Operation White Flag kicks in and Wayside’s shelter takes in as many people as they can. Wayside Christian Mission’s shelter is open 24/7 and accepts singles, families, dogs, and cats.  


The staff of the Low Barrier Shelter at Wayside has seen firsthand how important it is to get people off the streets during White Flag periods... it can be life-saving. And they take pride in bringing in as many people as possible on those unbearably cold days and nights.

CLICK HERE to watch a new video of Wayside helping give homeless folks a warm place to sleep.



Pizza Lupo’s Max Balliet stands with some donated pizzas.

Pizza Lupo partnered with Slice Out Hunger, a charity known for organizing national drives for local-owned pizza spots, to donate to their nearby shelters. This year, they’re supporting Wayside Christian Mission. Pizza Lupo’s Max Balliet contacted the Mission and was told about the increased demand the shelter was facing—serving 400 to 600 people daily, including more families and children than before.

Recognizing the heightened need, Pizza Lupo decided not only to continue their annual Slice Out Hunger donation but also to go the extra mile. So they added an item to their regular menu called, ‘Send a Pizza to the Shelter’ and the donations have been rolling in. All the pizzas donated were purchased by customers they reached out to directly. “We just made them and brought them over,” Max shares. “This is really as much the community as it is us. You know, we made them and brought them over, but the customers actually paid for this.”

CLICK HERE to watch Max of Pizza Lupo explaining how his pizza community helps our homeless. 


Shelter guests enjoy their delicious pizzas.


Wayside offers a HUGE THANKS to Max, Pizza Lupo and their customers for their generosity.

Clients share their plans for 2024

ATA Nursing Students Hold a Health Clinic at the Shelter.

An ATA student nurse tests the blood sugar level of a client.

Nursing students from the ATA College  held a health clinic for our clients and guests at Wayside’s shelter in early February. They checked blood pressure and blood sugar levels. They also provided educational materials and snacks for everyone.


The students really enjoyed the hands on experience and getting to know our diverse group. Wayside is very grateful for these students’ kindness to our guests and clients.

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