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Recovery is a Healing Process

Wayside Christian Mission has provided formal substance abuse programs since 1992. Nationwide, at least 30% of the homeless population are homeless due to substance abuse issues. Our Sober Living Program is a 12-step, abstinence-based, residential program.

“I remember coming through the doors and all I wanted to do was stop getting high," Art recalls.

It is truly a blessing that you can come in here and find out about not only your problem, but a solution, and that’s through working the twelve steps. I’m so grateful for what God’s doing in my life.” Men and women in our recovery programs attend educational classes each morning, study and do homework, participate in the work therapy program, and attend 12-step meetings. During this time of COVID, we have been participating with Zoom 12-step meetings. Art exclaims, “Thank God I have removed myself from the problem of addiction.”

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