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Family Shelter Works to Stabilize and Improve Lives

Six months ago Nita and her son (pictured at right) came to the Mission totally devastated. Through a car accident, she had lost her husband and ultimately, had no where to go.

“I was scared when I got took two hours to get me to stop crying.I was exhausted and terrified,” Nita reports.

Wayside Christian Mission welcomed her freely, but Nita’s situation was far from easy. Her son is developmentally disabled with a rare neurological disorder. For this reason, it was difficult to find an appropriate child care for him.

Through case management services provided by the Mission and working closely with our community partners, Nita was able to get her son the resources he needed to thrive. Nita has secured child care services, and has a promising job interview next week. Her goal is to start work as soon as possible, and then transition to her own apartment. Please pray for this little family!

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