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Hotel Louisville's Many Programs for the Homeless

Hi, I would like to give you a quick update on Wayside Christian Mission!

The Mission operates out of two campuses, the Shelter at Jackson and Jefferson Streets and Hotel Louisville on West Broadway.

At the Shelter, we recently completed isolation protocols after 60 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. Things are back to the new normal, continuing to social distance, wear masks, and test for the virus.

The Mission is operating near capacity but has a comfortable number of emergency spaces during these cold winter months.

At our Hotel Louisville campus, we have just added a COVID-19 isolation floor, partnering with Metro Louisville and Metro Louisville Public Health and Wellness.

This COVID-19 isolation program accepts homeless individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. The program also accepts individuals who have tested positive and need to isolate themselves from other family members in their homes.

Hotel Louisville has a number of homeless transitional programs to fill in the gap between emergency shelter and a return to housing in the community. These are a few of the programs that make Hotel Louisville a special place of ministry and hope in our community!

A long term abstinence-based alcohol and drug recovery program for women, and families.

Transitional housing for clients completing our recovery programs and who have jobs and need a supportive drug free environment,