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Snow Emergency UPDATE!

Since I was a young boy growing up in Arkansas, I always longed for the days it would snow, and in Arkansas, they were few and far between. Now that I am older, snow is pretty, but less inviting. At the Mission, snow means safety first. What I mean is that we work very hard to make sure everyone gets in out of the snow. This year is no different, however, our numbers are lower due to COVID-19 programs. Fortunately, we have not had to open our White Flag sleeping pallets. White Flag is a voluntary program that Wayside and at least one other shelter participates. When it is cold, White Flag is "called," and the city allows us to open space for mats and pallets so that no one has to sleep in the cold. This year with the Low Barrier Shelter and the COVID-19 programs, so far, we have not had to open the White Flag sleeping space. White flag clients are allowed to sleep in the open beds we have available. We have been working closely with Metro Government and Metro Police to ensure that eveyone gets a bed who shows up or is dropped off. In addition, we have been running our transportation van all night, every night, picking up people needing shelter. Below you will see our stats for last night. Stay Safe and Thank You For Supporting The Mission!

  • 2/15/21 - 2/16/21 OVERNIGHT NUMBERS Men's Emergency - 50 with 6 open beds Low Barrier Shelter - 70 with 31 open beds Single Women's Emergency - 27 with 6 open beds Family - 19 adults/22 children, 4 open family units White Flags Beds not used 20 women, 50 men

  • EMERGENCY CALLS 9 calls, 7 pickups, 2 cancellations 1. mother son and family 2. 3 women 3. 3 men 5 people dropped off by Metro police during the night

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