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Weather and COVID Challenges

Weather and COVID-19 Updates!

With the terrible weather approaching, we are preparing for record numbers in our shelter tonight and tomorrow night. We will open our doors wide and provide beds and floor space for those who will come in out of the cold.

Hotel Louisville - For everyone's health and safety, we are canceling both the Friday and Saturday night dances.

Freezing rain and snow are expected afternoon and tonight. Due to the weather, Wayside’s Bargain Center (thrift store) will be closed today and tomorrow Feb 3rd and 4th. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Pickups may be limited as well.

Jefferson Country COVID + rate is 27.77%

With the help of the Kentucky Nursing Association, we had many people tested in the shelter yesterday (2/2/22). About 230 people were tested altogether and 2 were positive. Those testing positive were immediately placed in Hotel Louisville to safely isolate. This is an awesome number, down from 10-12 per week the past month. Our COVID isolation rooms have gone from 130 rooms to 26 rooms. We seem to be making progress.

Blessings to all, Tim

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