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Thanksgiving 2021

Once again, we plan to serve thousands of Thanksgiving meals in 2021, and we need your help now more than ever!

"We want to give a very good, home-style holiday to our homeless folks," said Nina Moseley, COO of Wayside Christian Mission.

Those living at the mission’s two campuses, including Hotel Louisville, will receive a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but in a limited, socially distanced setting.


Wayside usually serves around 3,000 meals -- including breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- on Thanksgiving.

“And, just like last year, we're going to serve grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers and picnic-type food outside for those not staying here at Wayside Christian Mission,” Moseley added.

Due to Covid safety measures, Wayside volunteers will deliver the grilled food items to the homeless camps, rather than have people come into the shelter.

Moseley says the volunteers who serve the food, as well as the organizations and individuals who provide donations, make it all possible. “Without our volunteers in the community, we would not be able to put this on."

Wayside's services offer food and shelter to those who need it. Please help your Louisville neighbors with an act of kindness.

So, how much should you give? Here are 3 examples of OUR costs to help you decide:


Hot, balanced meal.
Includes mobile kitchen program

$1.58 per meal


Includes bed, linens, utilities, clothing/hygiene items as needed, security, access to case

management, access to chaplaincy/religious activities, housing search assistance

$18.41 per night per individual


Includes semi-private family accommodations, beds, linens, utilities, clothing/hygiene

items as needed intensive case management, access to chaplaincy/religious activities,

housing search assistance, job search assistance, tutoring/academic assistance,

children’s activities/outings

$36.82 per night per family

We welcome any amount you can comfortably afford to give, using one of these three options:

(1) Call us at 502-836-7661

(2) Mail a check to Wayside Christian Mission, PO Box 7249, Louisville, KY 40257


(3) Donate online over our SECURE SERVER by clicking the button below: 

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