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Transitional Lodging for Veterans

Wayside Christian Mission offers a transitional housing program for veterans at the Jefferson Street campus.  For this program, Wayside and Veterans Administration staff work collaboratively to help each veteran and his/her family address the issues related to their homelessness with the objective of moving to sustainable, permanent housing. 


Generally, Wayside staff assists clients with budgeting, recovery-related activities, social opportunities, routine case management issues, and especially the housing search.  Meanwhile, VA staff assist with medical and mental health issues and veteran-specific housing opportunities.  For more information, you may call 502-742-6166 and ask for Lynn.


Aftercare Men and Women Recovery Program Graduates

Available aftercare or extended lodging is available at Hotel Louisville for clients who have successfully completed the Sober Living Program and who are in good standing.   Clients pay a monthly service fee and are provided with a private room with cable TV, television, private bath, refrigerator, and microwave. Clients must attend 12 Step meetings and submit to drug testing upon request.


Volunteer Leaders - Peer Leaders

Clients who near or complete graduation from the Mission may be offered leadership positions within our program.  These leaders volunteer and live at the Mission or Hotel and become peer educators for new clients.  Many volunteer peer leaders are able to strengthen their recovery from alcohol and drugs by the extended period as a graduate and reinforce their recovery tools by teaching newcomers. 


Reunification with Children

Recovery clients who are near completion or who have graduated from the program may enter a transition period and reunite with family members, including spouses and children.  Weekend visits and extended visits are made possible to allow adjustments to a new way of living without drugs and alcohol.  Acceptance into the program is conditional based on being in good standing and recommended by leadership (often court approval is also required).


Affordable Housing Apartments

Wayside Christian Mission developed an Affordable Housing program on the Jefferson Street campus in 2015. This program, located within the newly constructed building, offers studio apartments.  Residents pay a monthly service fee, which includes utilities, cable TV, and if they wish, meals in the dining room. 


Permanent Supportive Housing

Wayside Christian Mission provides permanent supportive housing for mentally and/or physically disabled homeless men and women.  This program is partially sponsored by HUD, and requires the participants to pay 30% of any income in rent.  These studio apartments include a refrigerator and microwave.  Rent includes the utilities.  Residents may also enjoy meals in the dining room if they wish.

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