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Dick and Ardi Wilson founded a local non-profit, "Ardi's Bears," to provide teddy bears for children in hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, and more. Since the bear drive began, the children and single women at Wayside have been fortunate to be at the receiving end of the gift drive. Once again, this year, Dick and Ardi come to the rescue donating cleaned and sanitized, gently used and new teddy bears with an attached "Ardi's Bears" label. The single women at Hotel Louisville love having the bears as they go through their journey of recovery. Most quickly adopt the bears and they become a supportive part of their new family of support. On Christmas Day the 60-80 children living on our family floor and low barrier shelter will be given a stuffed bear that will hopefully help them through this trying time in their lives. Single women residing in our emergency shelter and the low barrier will also be surprised Christmas morning to have a furry little companion who will hopefully bring many moments of joy and hope!

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