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Volunteer Orientations on Saturdays at 10 am - no appointment needed

If you and your family or organization would like to volunteer to help Wayside's homeless clients, drop by Hotel Louisville any Saturday at 10 am for an initial orientation visit. You'll watch a short video, do a little paperwork, let us get a copy of your ID, and you can choose your favorite volunteer activities. Then, just call 24 hours in advance of any activity and you'll be added to the calendar.
Questions? Call Tracy at (812) 251-6907.  Hotel Louisville is located at 120 West Broadway, 40202

Providing Emergency Services since 1957

With your support, we create lasting change in the lives of homeless men, women, and children.

"You will feel the joy and want to come back every week."

Sherry Wood, Beautician & Wayside Volunteer

Helping others in need often does more for the giver than the receiver.  We've all been blessed with skills to help others. Visit our volunteer page to see how you can help!


Sheltering and Helping Men,Women, Children, and Veterans.

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